Can’t see a field on event global action salesforce


Despite the User being assigned a ‘page layout’ with ‘global’ or ‘quick’ actions selected to display, they cannot see them in the feed. This can occur when the global or quick Actions are creating a record with a record type to which the User does not have access.


What are global actions in Salesforce?

Global actions let users create records, but the new record has no relationship with other records. And they’re called global actions because they can be put anywhere actions are supported—on record detail pages, but also places like the feed or Chatter groups. Clear as mud?

Where do actions come from in Salesforce lightning experience?

In Lightning Experience, the actions on record pages are derived from the list of actions in the Salesforce Mobile and Lightning Experience Actions section of the page layout for that object. The same section on global publisher layouts determines the global actions that appear in the Global Actions menu.

How to configure fields in a Salesforce mobile app?

Configure fields in an action layout. Set a predefined value for a field on an action layout. Add an action to the Salesforce mobile app by editing the global publisher layout. Quick actions are the first stop on our tour of mobile customization options. And we’re really putting our best foot forward here.

What are object-specific actions in Salesforce?

Object-specific actions let users create or update records in the context of a particular object. In the Salesforce mobile app, object-specific actions show up on record detail pages. So for example, an action associated with the opportunity object is only available when a user is looking at an opportunity.


How do I add a custom field to a global action in Salesforce?

Click on the Layout link right next to the action New Task. Drag and drop the fields that you would like to add to the Task layout. Click on Save.

How do I view global actions in Salesforce?

Global Quick action:Go to: In Salesforce Classic: Go to Setup, enter Global in the ‘Quick Find’ box. … Select Global Actions.Edit the Action.On the Record Type, select the one that is assigned to the User.Click Save.Create a New Action that uses a Record type available to the User.

How do I add a field to an action in Salesforce?

Create the Salesforce Action and Add It to an ObjectIn Setup, in the Quick Find box, enter the name of the object that you want to add actions to. … Click New Action to see which types of actions are available.From the Action Type dropdown list, select the action to add. … Enter a label and description for the action.More items…

How do I edit a global action in Salesforce?

To view and edit the layouts for global actions in Setup, enter Actions in the Quick Find box, then select Global Actions and then click Layout next to the action’s name. To view and edit the layouts for object-specific actions, find the object in Setup, then go to Buttons, Links, and Actions.

How do I use global actions in Salesforce?

Use global actions to let users log call details, create or update records, or send email, all without leaving the page they’re on. Global create actions enable users to create object records, but the new record has no direct relationship with other records.

What is the use of global action in the controller?

Use global actions in salesforce to let users record call details, create or update records, send an email, or create a task from the Salesforce1 Feeds page, Groups pages, and any other page driven by the global publisher layout.

How do I add a field in quick action?

Adding a Field to a Quick ActionFrom the Configuration Console, click Build > Automation Tools > Quick Actions to open the Actions Manager workspace. … Click Add/Edit for the business object for which to add a field. … Open a quick action from either the Your Actions or the Create New Actions tab.More items…

What is the main difference between object specific actions and global actions?

The main difference between object-specific actions and global actions is: object-specific actions have automatic relationships, and global actions don’t. To see a custom, object-specific action on the palette of the page layout editor: select Mobile & Lightning Actions in the list of element types.

How do you add global action to a lightning page?

Create a Global ActionFrom Setup, enter Actions in the Quick Find box, then select Global Actions.Click New Action.We want this action to create a new contact, so make sure the action type is Create a Record. … In the Target Object dropdown list, select Contact.In the Label field, enter New Prospect .Click Save.

How do I add global action to my Home page?

How to add a Global Action to a Custom PageGo to setup –> In the Quick Find look for Global –> Global Actions.From here you can click New Action or Edit or View any existing action.The Send Email is the one I mentioned above and is the one I will use for this example.

How do I edit a quick action in Salesforce?

Select the page layout that you want to add the action to, and then click Edit. Add quick actions to the case page layout. Click Mobile & Lightning Actions. Drag the action into the Salesforce Mobile and Lightning Experience Actions section, and then place the action where you want it to appear.

How do I delete a global action in Salesforce?

Expand the Outlook Configuration by clicking the arrow before the text “Let users access records from Salesforce Outlook.” Scroll down and check each layouts in “Email Application Publisher Layouts.” Remove the Global Action from every layout and save changes.

When no user input is required, use an Action?

Where no user input is required – use an Action say if the date is defaulted to two weeks away but the user can modify it. Where the user will forget to add the record – Use Actions for record creation where the user is compelled to create the record – eg they need to make an appointment.

What are the two types of actions?

There are two main types of Actions – Global and Quick. Global Actions – create records not related to any other records. Quick Actions – create and update records related to existing records. See Actions Screenshots.

What are quick actions in Salesforce?

So what are quick actions? Well, you can think of them as shortcuts. They offer a fast way for mobile users to launch a specific workflow in the Salesforce mobile app, like creating records, logging calls, or sharing files.

Why are global actions called global actions?

And they’re called global actions because they can be put anywhere actions are supported —on record detail pages, but also places like the feed or Chatter groups.

Can actions update a record?

Actions can execute other processes, too, like logging calls or sending email. But be aware that global actions can’t update a record. Only object-specific actions can do that. In the Target Object dropdown list, select Contact.

Where do chatter actions come from in Salesforce?

Actions on reports come from the Quick Actions in the Salesforce Classic Publisher section of the global publisher layout . However, only standard Chatter actions appear on reports, regardless of which other actions are assigned to the global publisher layout.

Where are actions displayed in Lightning Experience?

In Lightning Experience, actions display in the Global Actions menu in the header, on related lists, and on list view items. Actions also appear in several places on a record page. Where actions appear on a record page depends on the action’s type.

Where can I find actions on recommendations?

On the Home page, you can find actions on recommendations in the Assistant. For example, imagine that a sales rep receives an update that an opportunity doesn’t have any open activity. The rep can create a task or event directly from the recommendation. The actions that appear depend on the type of recommendation.

What is chatter tab in Salesforce?

The Chatter tab (3) contains standard Chatter actions. By default, only the Post, Poll, and Question actions are supported, and if you have Groups, the Announcement action. Some objects support other standard Chatter actions predefined by Salesforce.


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