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How to do software testing in Salesforce?

Manual Testing: Manual software testing process includes the testing of App by using traditional methods. QA team can use manual testing can be used to execute functional testing, happy path testing, integration testing, regression testing, and system testing.

What is the difference between Salesforce testing and SDFC?

A great thing about Salesforce is that many of the out of box features can be customized to suite a company’s need. Salesforce testing is a validation of the configuration and customization performed in vanilla SDFC.

Is it worth switching from a sales job to Salesforce?

Salesforce eco-system is extensive, and Salesforce CEO Marc Benioff wants to add $50 billion to the business in 15 years – here’s why analysts think he has a shot at it. Here is Thanks for the A2A. Yes, it is going to be worth switching from your Sales job to Salesforce accredited sales professional.

What is the biggest challenge of Salesforce testing?

The biggest challenge of Salesforce testing is that you need to recreate all your classic tests for the Lightning UI Salesforce test should be able to conduct Smoke Testing to make sure all the major functionalities are functioning as per requirement


Can a tester become a Salesforce developer?

Testers can opt for administration certification or developer certification and improvise their career on SalesForce platform.

Is Salesforce testing easy?

Salesforce Testing challenges Salesforce testing is not an easy process. There are many challenges that were faced during the process by the tester. Some of them are: It’s not an easy task to test advanced features like Visualforce, Salesforce or Service Cloud Console.

Can I change my career from testing to development?

While you may have a decade of experience in testing, your skills may not translate perfectly into your new desired role of development. You can still switch your career focus from testing to development by keeping these resume-writing tips in mind.

What is the future of Salesforce tester?

As a career option, the growth prospects for a Salesforce tester are very rapid. ADM 201 certification can add to their career development immensely. With a background in testing, they make for qualified candidates for the role of future business analysts.

Does Salesforce testing require coding?

Testing in Salesforce is calculated in terms of % of code coverage i.e. your test class should cover your code and minimum 75% of test coverage is required.

How do I become a QA engineer in Salesforce?

5+ years of work experience in Quality Assurance roles with automation testing experience. QA Expert in the platform. Experience with automation testing. Experience in writing clear, concise and comprehensive test plans and test cases.

Why testers are not respected?

Testers are seen as an obstacle to release because people don’t calculate the cost of poor quality. It is clear what the benefit of a piece of functionality is, but people fail to appreciate and quantify the lack of benefit, if a little piece of that functionality is not working, when it gets to the customer.

Can a tester become Scrum Master?

Also, they have a good understanding of the product as a system and how it works. It helps them in testing the product end to end more effectively. A tester can become a good Scrum Master if he/she is willing to acquire more of the skillsets of a Scrum Master like Coaching, Facilitation, etc.

Does software testing have a future?

Based on the research made by Gartner, the costs of developing the IT sector will increase to 3.76 trillion dollars towards the end of 2019 and by 2020 it would have increased to 3.87, this study implies that IT plays an important role in our lives.

Is Salesforce testing a good career option?

Those with programming background with QA testing training, one might be able to jump on the bandwagon of QA testers. Salesforce, on the other hand, is a niche that is yet to be explored. The demand for Salesforce professionals is no doubt increasing. Also, it’s a lucrative job as well.

Is Salesforce a good career option?

Overall, the Salesforce Career option is one of the best and effective career options. And, if you are keen, to begin with, your career in Salesforce with Salesforce Certification courses, contact us at S2 Labs, wherein we also provide Instructor-led Training through our classroom training programs (online mode).

What does a Salesforce QA do?

The QA Analyst is an instrumental member of a project team, helping to ensure that a solution is fit for end user’s needs. QA Analysts work closely with the entire project team to review the overall functional and non-functional requirements, while keeping a user’s perspective in mind.

Why is testing important in Salesforce?

Getting it right requires a nuanced approach, and context is key in picking the right path. Because Salesforce is a very dynamic platform with change driven both by Salesforce’s expansion of the platform and by your customizations to meet business requirements, you need to get comfortable with the idea that test automation (and quality) is an ongoing journey.

Why is Salesforce testing so complicated?

That’s because the responsibility for the quality of the customizations is not shared with Salesforce. There’s no vendor army working to make sure that your changes are going to succeed. Here are the key differences from Salesforce major release testing.

What is full lifecycle testing?

Full lifecycle testing – It’s an article of faith that bugs found earlier in the lifecycle cost less to fix. This is especially true for Salesforce applications because of the damage Salesforce related outages can cause. Testing throughout the lifecycle means you’ll need to include many more kinds of testing than what’s typically considered for major release testing. We’ll get into testing solution options for Salesforce below.

How many releases does Salesforce have per year?

Salesforce testing is what you would expect for any enterprise application, plus dealing with 3 major releases per year, plus the occasional patch from Salesforce.

What is Job 2 in Salesforce?

Job two is fitting Job one into a tri-annual major release cadence from Salesforce – making sure that nothing in a Salesforce update or patch causes any problems with your existing or new functionality.

How to develop testing as a team sport?

Develop testing as a team sport. Share the testing culture across QA , developers and business analysts. Avoid testing siloes. Get the entire team involved at the beginning to foster whole-team ownership.

When developing a test automation plan, pay attention to context?

When developing a test automation plan, pay attention to context. All organizations are not the same. Testing skills, tooling, level of DevOps process and release quality history (successes vs. failures) will all play a part. Understand your organization’s level of testing matur ity and plan accordingly.

What is Salesforce testing?

SalesForce testing requires the use of complex test methodologies as most of the features in SalesForce are built-in features that are customizable. When an issue is observed, the tester needs to make sure that he is testing the code that has been customized rather than testing the built-in salesforce functionality.

Who does security testing on Salesforce?

Security testing on the Salesforce platform is usually done by SalesForce development team. Before placing a request for a security test, it is best to review the ‘Application and Network Vulnerability Assessment Summaries’ provided by Salesforce.

What is Salesforce testing environment?

Testing of Salesforce applications requires a production like an environment called SandBox. Developers and testers need to use the Sandbox environment for each of their purposes.

What tools can be used to automate salesforce?

Automation testing can also be enforced on SalesForce using tools like HP Unified Functional Testing (UFT ) and Selenium.

What is load testing in Salesforce?

Load testing involves testing the behavior of an application under varying loads. is a highly scalable platform built for handling a large number of users. is tested by the platform developers themselves for performance bottlenecks.

How many companies use Salesforce?

More than 82,000 companies use SalesForce platform worldwide.

Where does load testing need to be carried out?

Load Testing needs to be carried out in the Sandbox environment rather than the actual production environment.

What is Salesforce?

Salesforce is one of the leading cloud-based customer relationship management (CRM) tools on the market. It helps more than 150,000 businesses improve customer service and connect with customers in meaningful ways by identifying their needs and addressing their issues.

What is Salesforce Testing?

Salesforce is a complex enterprise tool that requires proper setup to ensure it works according to your preferences.

Benefits of Salesforce Testing

We’ve already discussed the main reason for Salesforce testing. At this point, you must develop a well-defined testing process for your organization so you can swiftly troubleshoot the software every time a major update takes place.

Types of Salesforce Testing

When testing Salesforce in your organization, you must cover all the necessary bases to ensure that you won’t experience any issues with the platform in the future.


Salesforce is a powerful CRM platform, but it’s only as good as how you use it. In particular, you have to develop a testing process that allows your organization to adapt to its major updates.

What is SalesForce Testing?

A great thing about Salesforce is that many of the out of box features can be customized to suite a company’s need.

What is the challenge of testing salesforce?

The challenge is to ensure that a tester is checking the code which has been customized in place of testing built-in salesforce functionality.

Why are Salesforce clients nervous?

Clients are always nervous about Salesforce testing because they many not know how to conduct it properly. As a result, they have a myth which is very much distinct from reality.

What is SFDC in sales?

SFDC (Sales Force Dot Com) has many standard features which help you to manage the relationship with prospects and customers. It also allows you to engage and collaborate with employees and business partner to store their data securely in the cloud.

What is manual testing?

Manual software testing process includes the testing of App by using traditional methods. QA team can use manual testing can be used to execute functional testing, happy path testing, integration testing, regression testing, and system testing.

Why are testers needed?

Testers are also needed to work on the application and gain the understanding of its functionality to create functional map

Why should test data be prepared?

Test Data should be prepared for validating the reports functionality


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