Can eventbrite link to salesforce


The Eventbrite for Salesforce app syncs Event, Order and Attendee data between Salesforce and Eventbrite. Automatically create Leads, Contacts and Accounts from attendees. See orders status, event details, questions and answers, detailed reporting and more, all within Salesforce.

What happened to Eventbrite sync with Salesforce?

When Eventbrite recently quietly discontinued its Salesforce Eventbrite Sync app, the response of most Salesforce folks was quiet resignation. Internally at Idealist Consulting we’ve used Cvent, ImpactFlow, and Eventbrite all for various events, and never been thrilled with the services available to integrate event apps.

What is the Eventbrite 360 Marketing view in Salesforce?

It is part of our Integrated Apps suite that allows you to obtain a 360 marketing view in Salesforce. This integrated app provides both data and screens within Salesforce to achieve a fully immersive Eventbrite experience.

Why should marketers connect Salesforce to events?

There are many quite reasonable reasons why a marketer would want to connect Salesforce to her events tool, chief among them the desire to send smarter, segmented emails before and after the event, or report on Opportunities generated from the event.


Does eventbrite have an API?

The Eventbrite API uses OAuth 2.0 for authorization. There are two ways to authorize users: Server-side and client-side.

How do I add apps to Eventbrite?

Use third-party apps to get more functionality with your Eventbrite account. Visit the app marketplace to search and browse for apps….Add apps to your account.Go to the app marketplace. … Find and click an app. … Click “Get app” and authorize the app.Access the app. … Optional: Remove an app.

What type of platform is Eventbrite?

event management software platformEventbrite is the world’s leading event management software platform, powering millions of events in over 180 countries and territories. With every new mobile app, software update, collaboration and integration, we’re delivering the premier online event management system to create unforgettable live events.

Can you import attendees into Eventbrite?

Import attendees from past events — Select each event you want to add to your subscriber list. Attendees will only be added once (even if they’re listed among multiple events). Upload CSV — Click “Upload CSV” and choose your CSV file. Manually Add Subscriber — Type in the email address, first name, and last name.

How do you integrate Eventbrite?

Here’s how you do it:Using Embedded Checkout.Go to “Embedded Checkout”.Choose how checkout appears.Copy the embed code and paste it into your website.If Eventbrite’s embedded checkout doesn’t work.“Website Integrations” is greyed out on the Event Dashboard.The checkout redirects to your Eventbrite event listing.More items…

Is Eventbrite part of Zoom?

Link your event to Zoom with Eventbrite’s Zoom integration. When you connect your event to Zoom, Eventbrite places your Zoom meeting or webinar on your online event page. Go to “Online event page” and click “Connect Zoom” to get started.

What is the best alternative to Eventbrite?

Top 10 Eventbrite AlternativesSoapbox Engage.Meetup.Ticketmaster.Eventbee.Events by Facebook.Eventzilla.HeySummit.Cvent.More items…

What can I use instead of Eventbrite?

Eventbrite Alternatives Review: Features, Reputation, and PricingWhova. … Zoom Events. … Regpack. … TicketBud. … Aventri. … 6. Facebook Events. … TicketMaster. … Eventbee.

Does Facebook own Eventbrite?

Facebook teamed up with global ticketing and event technology platform Eventbrite on an initiative to make it easier for small and midsized businesses to distribute or sell tickets to events directly via the social network’s platform.

How do I upload Excel to Eventbrite?

Go to your Eventbrite dashboard, click Orders in the Manage Attendees section at the near-bottom of the left menu.Select Export to Excel in the EXPORT menu.You will end up with a spreadsheet that you can open in Excel.You can now upload this Excel file to Conference Badge by click the New Event from Excel button.More items…

Can you collect email addresses on Eventbrite?

Choose who to collect information from. Buyer only — Collect information from the buyer only. For orders with multiple tickets, the same name and email address will appear on each ticket. Each attendee — Collect information from each ticket holder.

How do I email subscribers to Eventbrite?

Go to your Event Dashboard and click “Emails to attendees” (under “Manage attendees”). Then, write your email and choose when to send it. Emails can be sent anytime while your event is live or after it completes.

1. You have options for how you implement the Eventbrite Salesforce integration

Before we can dive into our thoughts on the Eventbrite Salesforce integration itself, let’s discuss how exactly you can get these two platforms to work together in order to plan your event.

2. Customization can complicate the Eventbrite Salesforce integration

No two Salesforce systems are alike, and most likely, your organization has already gone to some length to configure a CRM solution that uniquely fits your needs.

4. The Eventbrite Salesforce integration might be costly (and time-consuming)

Any new software is going to cost your team some time and energy—and money, of course! But let’s be honest: your organization spends a lot of time laying out a workable budget and hiring the right staff to keep your operations efficient and productive.

Introduction to Eventbrite

Eventbrite is an online Ticketing and event planning website that helps you list your events, seminars, concerts, and workshops on its platform. It is a marketplace where people can view a collection of events and book tickets for what they like.

Introduction to Salesforce

Salesforce is a SaaS (Software as a Service) based CRM tool that allows companies to get a holistic view of their Marketing, E-Commerce, Sales, and all other data related to customers. The motive of Salesforce is to bring the company and their customer closer. One can easily manage and set up a Salesforce account without any technical knowledge.

Setting Up Eventbrite Salesforce Integration

Now that you have learned about Eventbrite and Salesforce. In this section, you will go through the steps to set up Eventbrite Salesforce Integration. But before that, let’s understand the purposes of this Integration.

Benefits of Eventbrite Salesforce Integration

Eventbrite Salesforce Integration offers many features that help companies and event organizers optimize their workflows and Marketing activities. It helps sync data from Eventbrite to Salesforce, where one can manage customer relations effectively. A few more benefits of Eventbrite Salesforce Integration are listed below:


In this article, you learned the steps to integrate Eventbrite Salesforce. You also read how the Eventbrite Salesforce Integration helps companies and event organizers sync data between the two platforms and optimize their workflow. Companies can better interact with customers by sending targeted E-Mails beyond the day of the event.

Why you should connect Salesforce and an event tool

There are many quite reasonable reasons why a marketer would want to connect Salesforce to her events tool, chief among them the desire to send smarter, segmented emails before and after the event, or report on Opportunities generated from the event.

A final word

All this might have you wondering why use Eventbrite, anyway? If you don’t go with Eventbrite, you might consider FormAssembly or another form solution that integrates more smoothly with Salesforce, particularly if you don’t charge fees or have much complexity around your event. Please let us know in comments what you’re experimenting with!

Create your own Integration

Connect Eventbrite and Salesforce the way you want. Start by selecting the trigger and action events listed here.

Run Workflows

Connect Eventbrite and Salesforce with your other apps and run workflows across them. Trigger workflows automatically when things happen in any of the apps.


iPaaS products that connect multiple apps have been costly and complicated to use. brings the same power to small businesses at economical price so you can automate away your tedious & repetitive tasks once and for all.

Sync new Eventbrite attendees with Salesforce leads

Registering for an event is a key touchpoint on any customer’s journey. In order for Sales to reach out as soon as possible after a registration, we make sure that attendees become leads in Salesforce automatically.

Automatically create Salesforce campaigns for new events

Whenever marketing plans an event, our sales team wants to know right away so they can plan for the influx of leads. Usually, they want to create a dedicated campaign for the event in Salesforce, so they can:

Eliminate the manual entry and follow up for business cards with machine learning

It doesn’t matter what kind of event it is — a conference, tradeshow, happy hour, or user group — we will always go home with many, many business cards.


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