Can drift prefill chat from salesforce


When a lead or contact has a conversation with you in Drift, we can add a Task to their Salesforce record Drift can append the full chat transcript to the lead/contact when their conversation is closed. Set Activity Owner based on which teammate booked the meeting, last ended the conversation, or first participated.


Does drift integrate with Salesforce?

Drift will keep your accounts in sync with Salesforce and refresh every 24 hours. You can also now push the sync to happen if you need it sooner!

Does drift integrate with pardot?

If you’re a current Drift user or have been eyeing the platform, good news — Drift has an integration with Pardot.

How We Define Metrics and Metric Types

Below are the definitions of the metrics and metric types you can map!

How to Map Chat Metrics to Salesforce

Head to Settings > App Settings > Integrations > Salesforce > Sync Settings and scroll down to the bottom of the page, or click here.

When to Use Dynamic Prefill?

If you want an end-user to click a link to go to a form prefilled with live Salesforce data then Dynamic Prefill is the easiest and fastest way to achieve this.

How to Use Dynamic Prefill?

Enable Dynamic Prefill by going to the Publish Options of your form. You can click Publish if you are in the editor.

How to Generate Prefill Links?

With Dynamic Prefill enabled for your forms, you will need to generate encrypted prefill links to your forms and make them available to your users.

Trouble with Prefill Links?

Keep in mind that prefill links point to a specific org id and form on that org. When refreshing full or partial copy sandboxes, records may contain links to production forms.

How to use prefill in Salesforce?

2. Click the Prefill option. 3. Click the Salesforce Prefill from the list. 4. Authenticate your Salesforce account to start using prefill. 5. Select Contacts or Leads list from the dropdown. 6.

What is Salesforce prefill?

Salesforce Prefill allows you to prepopulate your form with contacts or leads data from your Salesforce account. This will allow you to get all or some of the data from Salesforce and pre-populate your form with that information. If playback doesn’t begin shortly, try restarting your device. Videos you watch may be added to …

How to preview prefilled forms?

You can preview the prefilled form by clicking the URL under the prefill name and see the form with prefilled information. Or you can click on Add a New Prefill button to create more prefilled URLs. 9. By default, users can edit the pre-filled data.


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