Can date fields be dependant fields in salesforce

SF@Siemens, The date fields cannot be a truly dependent field of a picklist. What you will need to do is create a validation rule based on the picklist and if the date is set to null.

The date fields cannot be a truly dependent field of a picklist.May 27, 2008


How to create dependent fields in Salesforce?

– Click on filed dependency button & select controlling and dependent fields. See the below screen for reference. Click on continue and select dependent fields under controlling fields. click on include & then Save. see the below screen for reference. Field dependency is created now.

Is it possible to modify standard fields in Salesforce?

Standard fields and their behaviour can-not be modified. StageName can only be filtered based on Sales Process. You can create two custom picklist fields – Stage and Type, set up the dependency and use them on the layouts. You may have workflow field updates to replicate values from custom to standard fields.

What is field dependency?

Field dependency means, controlling a fields value based on the other field. For example, there are two fields called Country & State. I want to display only states related specific selected country when I select country.

How to create a custom stage field in Salesforce?

2. Create a new Field Dependency within the Type field (Customize -> Opportunity -> Fields -> Type -> Field Dependencies) and pick this new custom Stage field as the dependent field. 3. Create all picklist values that are possible for the custom Stage field for all different Type values in the standard Stage field.

What fields can be dependent fields in Salesforce?

A dependent picklist is a custom or multi-select picklist for which the valid values depend on the value of another field, called the controlling field . Controlling fields can be any picklist (with at least one and fewer than 300 values) or checkbox field on the same record.

Which fields Cannot be a controlling field for dependent Picklists?

Dependent picklists and controlling lead fields can be mapped to account, contact, or opportunity fields with different dependency rules. Multi-select picklists can be dependent picklists but not controlling fields. Custom picklist fields can be either controlling or dependent fields.

Can a text field be a dependent field in Salesforce?

So far from everything I’ve read (been searching around for quite awhile now) you can’t make a field dependency for text fields. The controlling field would still be a picklist (“Products”) but the dependent field would be a text field called “Other”.

Can standard fields be dependent?

Currently you can setup a field dependency relationship on two picklists in an object. The controlling field can be a standard field, but the dependent field must be a custom field. Please allow the dependent field to be a standard field as well.

How many dependent fields can you have in Salesforce?

For example, there are two fields called Country & State….More point about dependent fields.Data TypeCan we define as Controlling fieldCan we define as Dependent fieldCustom PicklistYesYesMulti-Select pick listNoYes2 more rows

What are dependent fields?

A dependent field is a field which is populated by a database query which references the value of another field (which is known as the independent field) in the same Dynaform. Each time the value in the independent field changes, the database is automatically requeried to repopulate the dependent field.

How do I use field dependency in Salesforce?

Create Field DependenciesWhile still viewing the Account object in the Object Manager, select Fields & Relationships.Click Field Dependencies.Click New.Select Region as the Controlling Field and select Zone as the Dependent Field.Click Continue.Select the appropriate zones in each column by double-clicking them.More items…

Can a text field be dependent on picklist?

The only fields eligible for dependency are Picklists and Checkbox fields. (Checkboxes can only be controlling, not dependent, fields). If you don’t want to build custom functionality in Lightning or Visualforce, Validation Rules are the best currently available solution.

How do I use field dependencies in Salesforce?

Define Dependent PicklistsFrom the management settings for the object you want to add a field to, go to Fields. … Click Field Dependencies.Click New.Choose a controlling field and dependent field. … Click Continue.More items…

Can we make standard field as dependent in Salesforce?

Yes you are correct a standard field cannot be dependent field. Kindly review below Idea link for same. You can do this by apex however they are few considerations needs to be reviewed.

Can a checkbox be a controlling field?

Checkbox fields can be controlling fields but not dependent fields. When you convert existing fields to dependent picklists or controlling fields, it doesn’t affect the existing values in your records.

What are controlling fields in Salesforce?

Controlling Field is a type of picklist field that controls what values will become available on its designated dependent fields. It plays a crucial role in linking together two sets of Salesforce picklists.

What is dependent field in Visualforce?

Dependent fields provide a way to filter the field values displayed on a Visualforce page. Dependent fields consist of two parts: a controlling field that determines the filtering, and a dependent field that has its values filtered. Dependent fields can dynamically filter values in fields such as picklists, multi-select picklists, radio buttons, and checkboxes. Dependent picklists can only be displayed on Visualforce pages with Salesforce API version 19.0 or higher. For more information, see Dependent Picklists in the Salesforce online help.

How to define field dependencies?

To define the field dependencies for Subcategories: From the object management settings for accounts, go to the fields area. Click Field Dependencies. Click New. Choose Industry as a controlling field, and Subcategories as a dependent field. Click Continue.

How many dependent picklists can you have on a contact?

Thus, you could have five dependent picklists on Account, and five on Contact, but no more. However, you can repeat the same pair of dependent picklists, such as in an iterative tag like <apex:repeat>, without counting more than once against your limit.

What does it mean when a page does not include the controlling field?

Pages must include the controlling field for a dependent picklist. Failing to include the controlling field on the page causes a runtime error when the page displays.

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