Can community users access files salesforce


In short, files will not be accessible by Community user license (External users) but only Standard user license (Internal Users) because those file visibility properties value was set as “InternalUsers” on SFDC database level To escape from this problem, like your case you want to allow community user see file in related list.

If users can view a file, they can share it, unless the Prevent others from sharing and unsharing option is enabled. To view a file shared with a group, the user must have access to the group and the Experience Cloud site where the file was uploaded.


How do I access my company’s files in Salesforce?

Your company may have its own file system. If you want a file accessible both through Salesforce and through an external file system, you can connect it there. If you want to check out how people are using a set of files, you can run a file report to view and analyze the data.

What happens to files that originate in a Salesforce content library?

First, files that originate in a Salesforce CRM Content Library won’t be removed from the library itself. Second, if the file was shared using a content delivery, the content delivery will survive when you make the file private, though it will be inaccessible.

How do I share files with external users in Salesforce?

External users like your customers may need access to some of your files. You can share the files with them using the Salesforce cloud. Your company may have its own file system. If you want a file accessible both through Salesforce and through an external file system, you can connect it there.

How do I view a shared file in Salesforce?

It may have been shared through Salesforce sharing, by creating a file link and sharing the link, posting the file to a feed on a record (as opposed to a public feed), or publishing it to a private library. Administrators with the “View All Data” or “Modify All Data” permission can also find and view the file.


Can customer community users access files attachments?

* These users definitely can’t access Attachments loaded by internal users. * These users can’t have Files shared with them or be added to Groups because they don’t (and can’t) have Person records and/or be proper Chatter users (they’re mutually exclusive).

How do I share files with community users?

Use Chatter Publisher to share files with Digital Experience Site UsersOn the Chatter tab, click Post.Click the paper clip icon.Click Upload Files.Select your file.Click Add.In ‘To,’ select All with access.Click Share.

How do I give access to a file in Salesforce?

On the file preview page or from the file actions list, select Share. Expand Who Can Access. Change file permissions for people and groups using the menu, or click the X next to a person or record to stop sharing the file.

Who can see my file Salesforce?

Only the file owner, users with Modify All Data or View all Data permission, and specific file viewers can find and view this file. External users see files posted to records they have access to, unless the record post was marked Internal Only.

Who can see what in communities Salesforce?

Standard Salesforce user sees records that they own, and records that they have access to (based on sharing rules) across all sites and their internal org. Chatter Free user can’t access records.

How do I give someone access to my Salesforce community?

Enable Customer Community PermissionsFrom Setup, enter Manage Users in Quick Find, then select Users.Select a user name.Select the Permission Set Assignments related list.Click Edit Assignments.Select Customer Community Read Only in Available Permission Sets and add it to Enabled Permission Sets.Save your changes.

Can you restrict access to files in Salesforce?

You can restrict access to shared files that you own by making them private. Use the File Privacy on Records setting to control who can see a file when it’s attached to a record. The setting is available when you edit a file’s details.

How are files shared in Salesforce?

To give your audience permission to view, download, and share files, select Viewer. Optionally, add information to the message that recipients receive. Click Share and Close. Recipients receive a link to the file and a message that you have shared a file with them.

How does file sharing work in Salesforce?

Once you upload the files to the Records, its sharing depends on the various parameters. For instance, Files sharing on the Records can be controlled through various ways in Salesforce – such as, you can set a File’s access to private; or, enable Set File Sharing to Inherit Record Permission at the org level.

How do I hide files in Salesforce?

This feature is also available in Experience Builder sites.On the Files home page, open the actions menu of the file you want to change and select Edit File Details.From the File Privacy on Records list, select an option for controlling the file’s visibility when it’s attached to a record. … Click Save.

How do I give an object access to a user in Salesforce?

Within Salesforce, click on Setup and then click on Manage Users. Under the Manage Users tree click on Profiles. Once the Profiles appear on the right, select which Profile you want to edit and click on the Edit link next to the corresponding profile. Scroll down to the section labeled Custom Object Permissions.

How do you set view all data permissions in Salesforce?

Select the object >> Edit >> go to the Object permissions section. assign the permission and Click Save. Apart from View All and Modify All permissions for a certain object, there are also “View All Data” and “Modify All Data” permissions.

How many versions of Salesforce can you have?

Salesforce can track many versions of the same file, but not an unlimited number. You can have up to 2,048 versions. If you’re hitting that limit, you’re in a select group indeed.

What is file sharing?

File Sharing. File sharing is a way to collaborate on a file with other users in your company (and therefore change the relationships of other users to a file). There are even ways to share files externally.

What is a private shared file?

Privately Shared File. A privately shared file is a file that has been shared with specific people or groups. It may have been shared through Salesforce sharing, by creating a file link and sharing the link, posting the file to a feed on a record (as opposed to a public feed), or publishing it to a private library.

What is a file posted to a public feed?

Files posted to public feeds that all users in your company can see are considered shared with your company. Like with the feeds themselves, all users in your company can view the file.

Can I share a file with someone?

Files can also be shared by generating an encrypted URL link to the file and sending it to whomever you like. The link is public, so you can share a file this way with individuals both within and outside of your company, including customers and partners.

Can you make a Salesforce file private?

If a file has been shared with a record, you can also make it private without un-attaching it from the record. If you do so, other users viewing the record won’t see the file even though it’s attached. In Salesforce Lightning, making a file private is a manual process.

Is file metadata private?

File metadata is not treated the same as the file itself, however. File metadata is not private even when the file is. File metadata, if you’re not familiar, is information about the file (e.g. its name and keywords), but not the file’s contents itself.


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