Can a object be the child of two parents salesforce


In SOQL, object relationships must be pre-defined. Salesforce has master-detail and lookup relationships. What matters is that for both types of relationships, they are parent-to-child; that is they are one-to-many.


What is a parent child relationship in Salesforce?

A parent-child relationship in which the master object controls certain behaviors of the detail object. When a record of the master object is deleted, its related detail records are also deleted. The Owner field on the detail object is not available and is automatically set to the owner of its associated master record.

How are objects related in Salesforce?

If your Salesforce org was the family, then the objects would be related but not in the same family. A great example of such is relating payment records to an account from an ERP system – the ERP system is external to Salesforce but the records are important. The way they relate is via an external ID to match the payments to the account.

Can you have a child record without a parent in Salesforce?

You can have a child record without a parent. You cannot have a child record without a parent. You can have a maximum of 40 lookups on an object. You can have a maximum of two master details on an object. No cascade delete.

What are the alternatives to the Salesforce parent account field?

Depending on your individualized business requirements, the Salesforce Parent Account field may or may not meet your business needs right out-of-the-box. If not, there are alternative solution options such as a custom linking object or packages on the AppExchange.


Can an object have 2 parents?

an object can only have 1 parent, but an object can have both children and a parent.

Can a child object be a parent of another object in Salesforce?

A child of one master detail relationship can’t become a parent of another object. To relate an object to another object, no records should exist in the child object. Rollup summary fields can only be created on Master records, which are used to calculate the sum, avg, min etc.

How do you know if an object is a parent or a child in Salesforce?

You can identify parent-child relationships by viewing the ERD diagrams in the Data Model section of the Salesforce Object Reference at

How do you set parent/child relationships in Salesforce?

To set up a parent-child relationship for cases in Classic:Go to Setup | Customize | Cases | Page Layouts.Click on Edit next to page layout for which you wish to enable ‘Parent Case”.From Case (Support) Layout select Fields drag Parent Case and move it to your page layout.Click Save.

Can the junction object be a parent to an other object?

In Salesforce, a junction object cannot be the parent in a master-detail relationship. Use case: A company that sells water heater will install their product for different owners in different locations.

Can a child record be a master to some other object?

Administrators can, however, allow child records in master-detail relationships on custom objects to be reparented to different parent records by selecting the Allow reparenting option in the master-detail relationship definition. You can have up to three custom detail levels.

How do I make a parent child object in Salesforce?

In Classic: Setup | App Setup | Create | Objects | New Custom Object….Edit Related List Properties.Move Sub field from Available Fields to Selected Fields.Click “OK”.Save Page Layout.Select Parent | Edit Related List Properties.Move Parent field from Available Fields to Selected Fields.Click “OK”Save Page Layout.

What is parent/child relationship in Salesforce?

Parent child relationship is Tightly Coupled relationship having attributes. 1)Parent reference becomes Mandatory for child. 2)Cascaded delete : If you delete parent child gets deleted. 3)Sharing rules on child determined by parent.

What is child object and parent object in Salesforce?

Parent object and child object in the lookup relationship are determined purely on the requirement. Example: The object which has the more number of records will be the parent object and the object which has fewer records is considered as the child object.

What is the relationship between parents and child?

The Parent-Child Relationship is one that nurtures the physical, emotional and social development of the child. It is a unique bond that every child and parent will can enjoy and nurture. This relationship lays the foundation for the child’s personality, life choices and overall behaviour.

How do you make an object for kids?

To create a child object, you begin by navigating to the parent object in Application Composer and clicking the Create Child Object button. Click the Create Child Object button. In the Display Label field, we’ll enter the name of the child object that will appear in the user interface. In our case, that’s Activity.

What is child to parent query in Salesforce?

child-to-parent relationship: relationships are traversed by specifying the parent using dot notation in the query, for example: In the child to parent relationship, we can query on contact and retrieves the values from account that is associated.

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