How to add pardot to salesforce

How to integrate Pardot lists with Salesforce campaigns in four easy steps Create the Salesforce campaign. Create the Salesforce campaign you want to associate with your list email. … Create Member Status Values. Scroll down to and select Advanced Setup, then select Edit. … Build your list. Build your list email in Pardot. … Integrate. … Read more

How to add pagination in salesforce

How To Create Pagination Within Salesforce. Step 1 – Go To Setup → Develop → Pages Click the “New” Button for creating new pages: Step 2 – In The Label & Name Box Type “pagination”. Step 3 – In Visualforce editor paste the following code: <apex:form > <apex:pageBlock id=”details”> <apex:pageblockTable value=” {!acclist}” … Step 4 … Read more

How to add package in salesforce

Install Packages from a URL In a browser, enter the installation URL. Enter your username and password for the Salesforce org in which you want to install the package, and then click Login. If the package is protected by an installation key, enter the installation key. For a default installation, click Install. A message describes … Read more

How to add opportunity type in salesforce

To create a custom Opportunity Stage go to Setup > Object Manager > Opportunity Object > Fields & Relationships > Stage. In the “Opportunity Stages Picklist Values” section, click New. Add a Stage Name. Choose a Type from “Open”, “Closed/Won”, or “Closed/Lost”. Give the Stage a description (optional but best practice). Add a default Probability. … Read more