Are salesforce public communities searchable on search engines


Either way, Global Search Results seems to only allow ‘objects’ to appear in the results. It looks like this is because community pages are only stored as metadata in Salesforce – and this can’t be searched. Furthermore, we haven’t been able to access these community pages via Workbench or the Metadata API.


What is a Salesforce community?

Salesforce Communities are brand spaces designed specifically for Salesforce customers to connect with the community outside their org (i.e., employees, partners, and customers) and collaborate with them using relevant data and content. Users can visit the community to find answers to questions or ask for help from another community member.

What is global search in Salesforce Lightning?

Global Search is a new Lightning component available in Salesforce Summer ’16 Release. It allows users to see search results in one tab based on objects they have access to (both standard and custom). A community manager can easily determine which tab and search results community users can see.

What do you like most about Salesforce experience builder?

Congratulations! Your Salesforce Experience Builder site is an amazing place where your customers can share experiences and expertise with other customers, read articles in your knowledge base, and resolve their own customer service issues.

What is revenue grid for Salesforce partner community?

One of Revenue Grid’s features is a best-in-class enterprise plugin for integrating your Salesforce Partner Community’s Outlook or Gmail to your Salesforce org and giving your Salesforce Partner Community members a real Salesforce experience! Revenue Grid helps to automatically capture, categorize, and sync sales data across all connected sources.


How do you search communities in Salesforce?

Go to the Community home page, type a keyword into the search bar and click Search. Search results will contain a tab with the added object.

What is Salesforce communities called now?

Experience CloudA long-expected announcement finally came from Salesforce last week; Community Cloud has been renamed Experience Cloud (view a demo).

Where is global search in Salesforce?

Select the Global Search Box component in the page you’re configuring. In the Partner Central template, for example, this box is on the Home page. Specify the text that appears in the search box. The default text is Search…

How do I add a global search to my community?

Global Search ResultsSelect the Global Search component.In the property editor, configure properties for the component: Property. Details. Search Term. The system supplies this search term to search across the site. Show the All results tab. To show search results in one list under All, check the box.

Is Salesforce communities the same as Community Cloud?

The Experience Cloud platform enables users to build more than just communities, but build forums, portals, help centers, sites, and mobile apps to manage your organizations’ content.

How do I create a public community in Salesforce?

Enable public access in a Lightning Community, open Community Builder.In Classic: Setup go to Customize – All Communities click Builder by your community name.In Lightning: Setup go to Feature Settings – Communities – All Communities – click Builder next to your community’s name.More items…•

What fields are searchable in Salesforce?

The types of records you can search vary according to the edition you have. Not all objects and fields are searchable, so reference the table to determine which records you can find with Salesforce search….Required Editions.ObjectFieldsActivity TimingId NameAction CadenceId NameAd Creative Size TypeId Name112 more rows

How does global search work in Salesforce?

Global Search gives you results by keeping record of which objects you use, how frequently you use them and arranges the search results based on that information. This means that the records you most frequently search on and view are shown at the top of the list.

How do I make a field searchable in Salesforce?

Choose Use a formula to set the new value and then click Show Formula Editor and select the “Insert Field” button to locate and select the desired field that you would like to make searchable. See Calculate Field Values With Formulas and Considerations for Field Update Actions for additional details.

How do I enable global search in Salesforce communities?

Remove the old component (“Search Results”) and add the new component (“Global Search Results”) to the page layout. Open the Property Editor and add the tabs corresponding with the objects you want to expose through global search. Publish it and bam, there’s your global search!

How do I configure global search in Salesforce?

Managing Salesforce Maps Global Search SettingsOpen the Salesforce Setup menu, and type Installed Packages in the Quick Find search bar.Select Installed Packages, find Salesforce Maps, and click Configure.Select Advanced from the Navigation menu, and click the POI (Global) Search tab to open the Search Settings menu:More items…

How do I configure global search in Salesforce lightning?

Global Search Settings in SalesforceGo to Customize –> Search –> Search Settings.Modify the search settings for your organization.Click Save.

Why is search important?

Search is great because it makes it easy for your customers to get around the site. No matter what page they’re on, the search box is right at the top, ready to take them to the information they need. And with a few customizations, you can help them get there even more quickly.

What is community cloud?

Community Cloud is stepping aside for the new kid in town: Experience Cloud. Community Cloud lets you build more than just communities—you can also use it to build portals, help centers, forums, sites, mobile apps, and manage your content anywhere. So to better reflect the many types of experiences you can create, we’re now called Experience Cloud. While we’re excited to announce this new name to the world, note that the name in the product is remaining Community Cloud for a little bit longer. Use Experience Cloud for all powerful features you’ve come to cherish with Community Cloud.

Do Capricorn customers know what they are looking for?

The best part is, Capricorn’s customers don’t need to know exactly what they’re looking for when they search . They see exact matches for their search terms, of course, but they also see partial matches and those that are close. In the end, customers get what they need, even if they didn’t know they needed it.


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