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Are your jobs recession-proof?

Yet, some jobs are essential for the normal functioning of society. So, no matter what happens, there will always be a need for someone to do them. While it’s a stretch to call them “100% recession-proof,” they are as close as it gets to guaranteed job security in tough times.

Is your job at risk of offshoring during a recession?

Still, some tech workers may find their job at increased risk of offshoring during a recession. They should prepare an argument for why their job should remain local and what they bring to the table in higher efficiency and skill compared to cheaper overseas alternatives. 21. Grocers

Should you go for a facelift during a recession?

The one exception to this rule lies in elective medical service providers, such as cosmetic surgeons. In a recession, fewer people opt for facelifts or tummy tucks.

What are the best jobs to get during a recession?

Security guards, ambulance drivers, firefighters, and law enforcement officers are more often needed during economic downturns. Working in the public safety sector tends to be a safe bet in a recession.


What are the jobs that are at risk during a recession?

That includes computer systems analysts, network administrators, data analysts, database engineers, programmers and developers, website designers, project managers, and hundreds of other specialists. The Internet must go on. Still, some tech workers may find their job at increased risk of offshoring during a recession.

Who works at law firms during recession?

And not just attorneys themselves, but everyone who works at their firms. That includes paralegals, secretaries, and administrative assistants. Keep these law firms in mind as an option during recessions, especially if you work in another area of the law that suffers during recessions.

Why is public transportation important in times of recession?

In times of recession, more people than ever rely on public transportation. That creates job safety for those who provide it.

What are some jobs that are safe during a downturn?

With fewer job openings, particularly for those without degrees, young adults tend to postpone their entry into the job market by enrolling in higher education. Teachers, professors, school administrators, athletic coaches, researchers, and support staff like groundskeepers all tend to have safe jobs during downturns.

Can you claim immunity from recession?

Recessions are painful, and few people can claim immunity. No one knows this better than those out of work and looking for a job.

Do you need a college degree to work in a recession?

While many classic recession-resistant jobs require an advanced degree, such as medical doctors, other jobs don’t even require a college degree. Some recession-resistant jobs let you work from anywhere, whether you want to work from home or travel the world. As you prepare for the next recession, keep the following jobs in mind.

Is there such a thing as a 100% recession proof job?

Email. There’s no such thing as a 100% recession-proof job. Recessions sometimes strike jobs in unexpected ways, depending on the cause of the recession and the local impact. That said, some jobs remain far safer than others in an economic downturn.

What is the best job to do during a recession?

1. Medical & healthcare providers (Healthcare industry) Whether you’re a doctor, physician assistant, nurse, or radiographer, a job in the medical field is a great place to work during a recession. Our physical or mental health doesn’t care about what’s going on in the economy.

What percentage of Americans were unemployed in 2008 recession?

Any time the mention of a recession hits the headlines, there is a sense of worry about job security, and with good reason. During the 2008 recession, over 10% of Americans were unemployed. It meant fewer job hirings, mass layoffs, and intense competition for the job openings that were available. Higher education degrees did not guarantee job …

How many jobs will be lost in 2020?

With a staggering loss of over 35 million jobs in 2020, the unemployment rate has already risen to 14.7% according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics. The fact is, during a recession, very few job sectors remain intact. And while the effects of a recession will look different for each of us, but let’s be honest, a recession impacts everyone.

What are the jobs that are needed during economic downturns?

Security guards, ambulance drivers, firefighters, and law enforcement officers are more often needed during economic downturns. Working in the public safety sector tends to be a safe bet in a recession.

How long did law graduates go without a job?

Did you know that during the last recession, law and MBA graduates averaged three months without a job? While not all jobs in the legal profession are recession-proof jobs, there are certain legal professions like bankruptcy, criminal defense, and divorce lawyers that might not be as affected.

Is it safe to work in the federal government?

Civilian and military jobs are less affected by a recession and provide more security. Although disagreements in congress can affect hiring and budgets, working in the federal government is a pretty safe bet.

Will education continue in a recession?

As long as children are born the need for educators never ceases. Education for those in K-12 will continue no matter what is happening in a recession. Classroom sizes may get bigger and home learning may get more popular, but as experienced teachers retire and leave the education system the need for teachers will continue.

What is the second factor in the economy?

The second factor is a clear and urgent pain on the consumer’s side.

What services survive economic downturns?

Electric, water, sewage, waste, trash, and recycling services all survive economic downturns. After all, they are critical to maintaining order and public health. Interestingly, consultancies that serve those utilities seem to share that benefit, as well.

What happens when a family is down to one paycheck?

When a family is down to one paycheck, fun toys have to wait. Companies that sell RVs, boats, and motorcycles see a decline in sales, along with car dealerships. People tend to invest in repairing their existing cars as opposed to buying or leasing new ones.

What industries have a negative ripple effect?

Supporting industries, like lumber and cement manufacturing, see a negative ripple effect, as well.

Why do people invest in services?

People value their well-being. They will invest in services that allow them to be productive and pain-free. Some of these services are covered by insurance, which encourages people to use them — even when money is tight.

Do recession-resistant jobs need training?

Finally, many recession-resistant jobs need specialized training and experience. When a tax season is upon us, many families happily pay a trained tax preparer to ensure that their tax return won’t trigger an audit.

Is the construction industry dependent on the economy?

When access to business and personal lending becomes tight, construction projects get put on hold. Even smaller-scale home remodeling projects can see delays. This affects all contractors, such as general contractors, roofers, electricians, plumbers, and carpenters. Supporting industries, like lumber and cement manufacturing, see a negative ripple effect, as well.


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