A googler can hack salesforce dc

What is a URL hack in Salesforce?

A URL ‘hack’ is taking the standard URL that Salesforce constructs when it creates a new record and enhance it with additional parameters to populate the required fields. Here are the steps to construct a URL hack and use it by overriding a new button to create a new record and populate a number of fields.

Why Salesforce is the best CRM for your business?

Salesforce packs quite a punch with tons of features and benefits that customer’s love. It is one of the most popular CRMs that will help keep tabs on almost all aspects of an organization’s sales, customer contacts while providing insights into analytics that enhance customer satisfaction and loyalty.

How many certifications have you earned as a Salesforce professional?

Along the way he has earned twelve certifications, published “The Salesforce Career Playbook”, and helps Salesforce professionals learn more about Salesforce, develop their career and prepare for certifications. You may find yourself with the requirement to create a record from a related list and populate a number of fields.

2.Find the duplicate records and highlight them in opportunity report (the field combination should be unique – Name, Amount and Owner.)

Create a formula field returning text and concatenate the fields whose composite value should be unique (Name + Amount + Owner) and treat blanks as blanks.

4. Perform a DML operation in DatedConversionRate (one of the objects prohibiting DML operations)

DML operations can be performed using Out of box REST API provided by Salesforce.

5. Copy a Rich text area field data from one object to another

Do you have your own set of Salesforce hacks you’d like share? Please feel free to share them in the comments section below.

Save Your Code For Later

One Redditor makes an excellent suggestion for saving the code you use regularly and utilizing triggers and flags:

The Power Of One

The Power Of One solves a fairly common problem: summarizing the number of unique account records.

Stolen from Salesforce.com

According to the Washington Post, back in 2007, a SunTrust customer had created an email address exclusively used for emails coming from SunTrust. One day the customer started receiving odd emails targeting the unique address. The anonymous SunTrust customer reported the emails to SunTrust who a few weeks later reported:

How Do Hackers Break into Salesforce?

The phishing attack mentioned above often uses a variant of the Zeus trojan (W32/Zbot) to target Salesforce users. Once the machines are infected, the malware connections get past the most highly regarded security appliances listed in the Firewall Gartner Magic Quadrant.

How To Detect a Zeus Trojan

As stated earlier, the difficult part of detecting malware like Zeus is that its signature passes right by all traditional security defenses. For this reason, we have to go about detecting Zeus Trojans a bit differently. We need to monitor for odd behaviors and to do this, two approaches are often taken.

Salesforce.com Hacked – Security Compromised

If you hear that Salesforce.com was hacked or that their security was somehow compromised, keep the information above in mind. The SaaS is often times the most secure end of the connection. It’s the end user or customer that is often the malwares best chance at compromising security and stealing information.

Kelly Kading

Kelly Kading is the Regional Manager for the Northeast US here at Plixer. Kelly strives to deliver the best customer experience possible. He enjoys building relationships with his customers and wants to find the solution to best meet their needs. When not in the office, Kelly tries to always be in the outdoors.

Developer Security Is A Thing

When engaged in the eternal war of IT security measures and countermeasures, every enterprise’s security considerations start with the perimeter, devices, and networks. Now, security is moving up the stack and has sprung yet another crop of imponderable four-letter acronyms. These devops security subsectors cover separate devops security concerns.

Keep Your Perimeter Tight

Beating the enemy in security takes a holistic approach, so developer security must include more than a focus on code. If your enterprise has a security perimeter, then use it, even in offshore environments. Upgrade VPN usage to SD-WAN or other corporate security solutions to harden every developer’s environment.

Developer Security Cannot Be an Afterthought

I have also heard the term “software supply chain security” to describe what happened in the SolarWinds Hack, and to express the need for developer security. And other writers use the term “shift left” to describe developers becoming more responsible for application security.

Have Fun and Be Safe

Deal with the consequences of the SolarWinds hack by making overall developer security a major concern of any devops program. Look closely at the tools and services currently available. And make sure the people working on your coding efforts have well-maintained endpoints with a security perimeter protecting them from the bad actors.

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