A good marketing manager organizing a new salesforce knows that


What makes an effective sales manager?

Effective sales managers keep their doors open for questions, and solicit feedback and ideas from their team. This ensures the sales makers know they are valued, respected, and supported, and can also lead to positive innovations. 12. Coach.

What is used by Salesforce to uniquely identify a contact throughout Marketing Cloud?

What is used by Salesforce to uniquely identify a contact throughout Marketing Cloud? The Contact ID is a number Salesforce uses to uniquely identify a contact on the backend. Salesforce uses the Contact ID to identify a contact in various channels.

What is the purpose of the Salesforce Marketing Cloud API?

A) It allows users to access Marketing Cloud regardless of their work location without extra authentication. B) It minimizes the use of verification codes required for logins, saving time for users and administrators. C) It ensures Salesforce login pools can process end users’ login authentication when accessing Salesforce.

Can sales managers over-engineer the sales process?

Great sales managers know it is possible to over-engineer the sales process, though a rigid, complex process can just confuse the reps and tie their hands. Real-time feedback from the manager can help reps maintain flexibility and make adjustments as necessary in dynamic sales environments.


What does a marketing cloud user need?

A Marketing Cloud user needs the email addresses of everyone who unsubscribed from a particular email send. This user does not know SQL and does not have access to the enhanced FTP account. What functionality should be used to retrieve the necessary data?

What is a large retail group?

A large retail group consists of a corporate team and several divisions operating under different brand names. All plan to share one Marketing Cloud account. Each brand has its own marketing department and operates independently, with its own creative assets, subscribers, and data structure.

Can brands set their own physical address?

A. Brands can set their own physical address and SAP.

Is preference center too precise?

A. The preference center is too precise.

Is Northern Trail Outfitters expanding its marketing efforts globally?

Northern Trail Outfitters is expanding its marketing efforts globally. Each country’s marketing department has its own business unit and is responsible for the creation and execution of all the marketing campaigns. The Marketing Cloud Administrator is having trouble keeping up with the constant influx of new users and would like to speed up the turnaround of granting new users access to the Marketing Cloud. In what two ways can this be accomplished?

What is NTO in marketing?

Northern Trail Outfitters (NTO) an outdoor gear store, manages customer relationships in Sales Cloud and sends emails in Marketing Cloud. NTO offers a 30 day free trail program and sends three emails about the program each day:

What is an all contact?

A) All Contacts contains All Subscribers plus anything marked as a Population.

What is the Data Designer tool in Contact Builder?

The Data Designer tool in Contact Builder defines, organizes, and relates information to contacts within your account.

What does “buy large inventories from small manufacturers” mean?

a. buy large inventories from small manufacturers—helping them acquire working capital.

When did supermarkets start?

is consistent with the emergence of supermarkets in the 1930s.

Do agent wholesalers own the products they sell?

e. Agent wholesalers do not own the products they sell.

Why are so many orders lost?

Many orders are lost simply because the sales person didn’t ask for the order

What is the full cost approach?

The full-cost approach allocates all costs – even fixed costs – to products, customers…


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