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The Javascript Developer I Certification is a credential developed for Salesforce professionals who have knowledge, skills, and experience implementing front-end and/or back-end JavaScript solutions on the Salesforce platform or the web stack in general, and are looking to verify their expertise to further advance their career in this department.


How do I become a Salesforce certified JavaScript developer?

PATH TO CERTIFICATION The certification consists of two parts: the Lightning Web Components Specialist Superbadge and the JavaScript Developer I proctored multiple-choice exam. These two credentials can be earned in any sequence. The combination of both of these credentials earns the Salesforce Certified JavaScript Developer I certification.

What is the developer console in Salesforce?

The Developer Console is the Salesforce integrated development environment (IDE) that you can use to develop, debug, and test code in your org. Right now, it contains the code for the property map you just saw. We’re not going to dig into the code at the moment—there’s another module for that.

How many terms are there in Salesforce JavaScript developer I certification?

Salesforce JavaScript Developer I Cert Practice Ex… 125 terms kmichie32 Javascript for Salesforce 105 terms emergent-idg Salesforce Javascript Dev 1 154 terms mstimpson2 JS1 Salesforce Certified JavaScript Developer I 28 terms bukcy Sets with similar terms Full-Stack Software Engineering Questions

What programming language is used in Salesforce?

Apex: Salesforce’s proprietary programming language with Java-like syntax. Visualforce: A markup language that lets you create custom Salesforce pages with code that looks a lot like HTML, and optionally can use a powerful combination of Apex and JavaScript.


Can we use JavaScript in Salesforce?

JavaScript has always been available to Salesforce developers, but with the appearance of Lightning, it is now a first-class language on the platform. That means it’s time for every Salesforce developer to learn JavaScript.

How is JavaScript used in Salesforce?

Using JavaScript in Visualforce Pages Customize the functionality of your Visualforce pages. Pass parameters to the JavaScript, show pop-ups, confirm messages, etc. Display Visualforce page validation messages as pop-ups. Call controller methods from JavaScript.

Is Salesforce JavaScript certification worth it?

The Salesforce JavaScript Developer I certification, introduced in 2020, is an excellent way to demonstrate experience developing with one of the most popular web programming languages.

Why JavaScript is used in lightning framework?

The framework gives you flexibility in handling unrecoverable and recoverable app errors in JavaScript code. For example, you can throw these errors in a callback when handling an error in a server-side response.

Which JavaScript framework is used in Salesforce?

the Lightning Component FrameworkInstead of server-side frameworks, modern web applications tend to be client-side rendered. In Salesforce, this is done with the Lightning Component Framework.

Is JavaScript supported in Salesforce lightning?

Salesforce Lightning Platform now supports JavaScript more robustly.

What is a JavaScript developer?

A JavaScript developer is responsible for implementing the front-end logic that defines the behavior of the visual elements of a web application. A JavaScript developer is also responsible for connecting this with the services that reside on the back-end.

Is JavaScript developer hard?

As a reminder, this is a difficult exam, deep diving the fundamentals of JavaScript. It’s going to test your code reading skills, analysis, testing, and much more than other certification exams. (This means no Lightning Web Components specific questions, but working with them before the exam will help).

How hard is Salesforce Developer certification?

Considering the significant advantages of becoming a Salesforce Certified Admin, obtaining the certification is not that hard. The majority of the aspirants managed to pass the exam with more than 70% marks with just six months of dedicated preparation.

How do I add JavaScript to Salesforce?

Adding JavaScript to the Page Body In the Scripts section of the Properties pane, click Configure in the Edit Body Scripts section. Enter the code in the Edit JavaScript Code dialog box. Don’t add