A company is changing its case management system to salesforce


What is a case management system?

A case management system lets a company collect and organize customer service interactions that occur on any channel. The system tracks each case to resolution and beyond. A modern case management platform pulls customer requests into a database, where customer service agents can view and respond to them.

What is Salesforce for Business Process Management?

Salesforce for Business Process Management and Automation Salesforce is an enterprise cloud solution that is much more than just a powerful CRM. On the Salesforce Platform, you can build a number of apps that fit the specific needs of your organization.

What is a modern case management platform?

A modern case management platform pulls customer requests into a database, where customer service agents can view and respond to them. Case management tools allow agents to categorize and manage requests. Other team members can also review cases and resolutions and aggregate information to help the company improve products and business processes.

Why Salesforce desk for customer support?

Support for a wide range of devices is essential, both for employees and customers. This allows for 24-hour mobile management of customer support, and more convenient self service options for on-the-go customers. Salesforce is the Number One Solution for Complete Customer Service. Each of these features is offered by Salesforce Desk.


What is case management?

So what is case management and a case management system? Case management systems allow for a more efficient and a more complete customer service strategy. Any interaction with a customer is considered a “case,” and these kinds of systems allow businesses to track all of these cases and collect them together in one place.

Is case management competitive?

The many benefits of case management have led to the emergence of a highly competitive industry. This can make it difficult to know which is the best case management system for your business. To help you make a better decision, here are a few key features to look out for.

What is Case Management Software?

Electronic case management software refers to applications that help businesses and nonprofits with managing their customer interactions across social media and other digital channels such as email and contact forms. Using case management software, businesses can automatically collect and organise customer interactions into one easy place, allowing for convenient access and a comprehensive view of each customer.

What is Salesforce Desk?

Desk is an out-of-the-box, all in one support application that provides mobile support, case management, multi-channel support, and productivity tools. Through syncing with other Salesforce solutions, Desk is able to provide companies with a complete 360 degree view of each customer. Through connecting sales, marketing, analytics, customer service, and more, companies are able to create unique, 1-to-1 journeys for each customer from the moment they first visit the site (or step in the door of the store), to purchase, and beyond.

How long is the Salesforce Desk free trial?

You can learn more about it here, by contacting Salesforce, or even schedule a free, 14-day trial to see for yourself how Desk can transform your customer service for the better.

How many times does a customer service agent fail to answer their questions?

According to one group of consumers, customer service agents fail to answer their questions at least 50 percent of the time . This kind of statistic is important — when adequate customer service is not found at one business, customers will choose one of the other 50 percent the next time around.

What is cloud based customer support?

Most of these kinds of customer support platforms are cloud based, allowing for instant, out-of-the-box use. This means that agents can log into their accounts, and immediately view their cases at a glance, sorted by priority, and manage everything from one place. They can also categorise cases and send them to the best department or person to resolve them. This makes the agent’s job easier, and ensures that each customer gets a quicker resolution to their issue.

What percentage of customers would use an online knowledge base?

When asked, 91 percent of customers said that they would use an online knowledge base, if it were available and tailored to their needs. Clearly there is a large demand from customers for companies that provide self service portals for customers, enabling them to answer questions without extra help from a company representative.

Why is support important?

This allows for 24-hour mobile management of customer support, and more convenient self service options for on-the-go customers.

Case Management in Salesforce

In this session we will demonstrating the Basics of Salesforce Service Cloud and Case Management. Will cover the how to create cases from Email-to-case and Web-to-case in Salesforce.

What is Case?

Cases are the foundation of the Service Cloud and are used to track customer issues and inquiries. Cases are typically used to track and manage Customer’s question, feedback, or issue.

What is Salesforce Case Management ?

As described in Service Cloud Introduction session, Salesforce Case Management allows us to record, track and solve customer issues by sales, service and support. It includes the ability to create cases either from an email (email to case), from a web form (web to case), or manually.

Basic Set Up?

Specify the hours when your support team is available to serve customers. Helps to apply Timezones to:


Salesforce automatically creates cases and auto-populates case fields when customers send messages to the email addresses you specify.


Gather customer support requests directly from your company’s website and automatically generate new cases with Web-to-Case. How to set up?


Case Management in very important part of Salesforce Service Cloud. I hope this session helped you to understand the basic of Case Management in Salesforce and different way to creating cases like manual, email to case and web to case. In next session we will learn about case lifecycle and case resolution process.

Why is client concerned with system performance in its contact center?

Client is concerned with system performance in its contact center because the number of records has exceeded 40 million. What platform functionality might be affected by the number of contact records?

What does a contact center manager want to measure?

A contact center manager wants to measure the impact of a new customer care program.

How does a company receive support requests?

A company receives support requests through a variety of email addresses and web forms for different parts of the business .

When can a case be closed?

Cases can only be closed after the customer review has been completed.

Do call center managers think agents are contributing new knowledge articles as often as they should?

However, the call center management thinks that agents are not contributing new knowledge articles as often as they should.

Does Salesforce need to migrate documents?

The company needs to migrate the existing knowledge base of documents and images into Salesforce.

What is Salesforce for business?

Salesforce for Business Process Management and Automation. Salesforce is an enterprise cloud solution that is much more than just a powerful CRM. On the Salesforce Platform, you can build a number of apps that fit the specific needs of your organization.

How Do You Find the Right Business Process Management System for Your Business?

With a deeper understanding of what business process management software is, what its main benefits are, and a knowledge of what to look for in a BPM solution, it’s time to determine the right BPM software solution for your organization. Here’s how to get it right:

What are the principles of business process management?

What Are the Basic Principles of Business Process Management? BPM is a dedicated strategy for improving workflows and processes throughout an organization. It isn’t haphazard, with one business unit improving a process in isolation over here, while a completely separate one works on its own operations over there.

What is BPM management?

In terms of BPM, “management” really refers to the entire collection of steps necessary to improve processes in pursuit of enterprise goals: modeling solutions, controlling variables, executing solutions, and measuring results. This is how BPM practitioners manage the quest to optimize the transfer of value between customer and company.

Why is business process management important?

That’s why the goal of business process management is not to optimize business processes individually , but to improve the communication between systems and optimize workflows throughout the entire network.

Why is it important to get processes right?

Getting processes right is a key step to scaling and sustainability. This is so much the case that 59% of midsize businesses say establishing and maintaining processes is crucial to their ability to grow. Get the right processes in place and you’ll have the uniformity and streamlined productivity you need to effectively expand your business even further. Many BPM software solutions also help organize workflows, making projects run more smoothly.

Is BPM easy to implement?

While it should be powerful enough to handle a number of situations and processes, your BPM solution should also be easy to implement. It should be usable by executives even if they don’t have a coding background. This makes it easier on the executives and also on the IT department. It’s no surprise that 76% of IT leaders believe that low-code tools will have a transformational or substantial impact on their partnerships with the business. If you’re building on a platform, find low-code opportunities that will enable you to tailor a solution around your needs.


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