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What is Aura definition bundle in Salesforce?

An AuraDefinitionBundle component is a collection of component definition files, each representing a different resource such as markup code, event documentations, applications and interfaces. Lightning bundles must be under a top-level folder that’s named aura. Each bundle must have its own subfolder under the aura folder.

What is Aura in Salesforce Lightning?

aura method in lightning salesforce. aura method in lightning salesforce. Use aura:method to define a method as part of a component’s API. This enables you to directly call a method in a component’s client-side controller instead of firing and handling a component event.

How good is Salesforce?

“Salesforce has done a fantastic job providing training material through its Trailhead, Pathfinder, and Talent Alliance programs. But too few job seekers are taking advantage of this training and even fewer employers are hiring new Salesforce developers or administrators without relevant work experience.

How to do in Salesforce?

Salesforce has over 35 certifications that span a number of different products, disciplines, as well as experience levels. Getting a Salesforce certification will be a requirement for most jobs, and at a foundational level, the best cert to aim for is the Salesforce Certified Administrator.


What is an aura in Salesforce?

Aura is a framework for developing apps for mobile and desktop devices. In existence since 2013, Aura enables developers to build apps that are independent of data that resides in Salesforce, so development can be less disruptive to day-to-day users.

How do I learn aura in Salesforce?

Learn the Process for Developing Aura ComponentsLearning Objectives. … My Domain Is Already On in Your Trailhead Playground. … View Your Aura Component. … Developer Console and VS Code. … Create a “Harness” App. … Create a Top-Level Component. … Create a Lightning Experience Development App. … Create the “In Development” App.More items…

What is lightning aura component in Salesforce?

Salesforce Lightning Component is a user interface (UI) based framework for developing single-page mobile/desktop/web-based applications. Using the Lightning Component along with these tools, you can customize and deploy new apps in mobile devices easily and effortlessly. Aura components are reusable units of the app.

What is difference between aura and LWC?

Aura and LWC can be able to communicate using Public API’s and Events. LWC can be embedded inside Aura Components, but Aura Components cannot be embedded inside LWC.

Should I learn LWC or aura?

Learn LWC and forget about Aura, excepting only the few and shrinking situations where Aura is specifically required. LWC is unambiguously the current, supported, actively developed UI framework. Aura is legacy. Any new UI that can be built in LWC should be built in LWC.

What is an aura component?

Aura components are the self-contained and reusable units of an app. They represent a reusable section of the UI, and can range in granularity from a single line of text to an entire app. The framework includes a set of prebuilt components.

Is Aura and lightning same?

Aura is an open-source UI framework built by Salesforce for developing dynamic web apps for mobile and desktop devices. The lightning component framework is not different from the Aura framework rather it is a subset of the Aura framework. The Lightning Component framework is built on the open-source Aura framework.

Is Aura component an MVC?

No, it’s a component-based framework.

Why do we use Aura components?

The benefits include an out-of-the-box set of components, event-driven architecture, and a framework optimized for performance. Comes with an out-of-the-box set of components to kick start building apps.

Why is LWC preferred over aura?

Performance: Because of the absence of an abstraction layer, LWC is likely to load and run much faster than Aura components. It is also lightweight and memory-efficient as it is built on Web Components. Easy to ramp: As there is no additional framework, LWC developers can make transitions much easier.

What is Aura method?

aura method in lightning salesforce. Use aura:method to define a method as part of a component’s API. This enables you to directly call a method in a component’s client-side controller instead of firing and handling a component event.

Can we use LWC inside aura?

We can invoke the LWC component through the Aura component using aura:id.


The root of the component hierarchy. Provides a default rendering implementation.


Components are the functional units of Aura, which encapsulate modular and reusable sections of UI. They can contain other components or HTML markup. The public parts of a component are its attributes and events. Aura provides out-of-the-box components in the aura and ui namespaces.

What is Aura Method?

Use aura:method to define a method as part of a component’s API. This enables you to directly call a method in a component’s client-side controller instead of firing and handling a component event. Using aura:method simplifies the code needed for a parent component to call a method on a child component that it contains.

Can Aura:method include parameters?

The method description. An aura:method can optionally include parameters. Use an aura:attribute tag within an aura:method to declare a parameter for the method.

What is an app framework?

An app framework is a collection of code and services that make it easier for you to create your own custom apps, without having to write all the code yourself. There are lots of different web app frameworks out there, like Ruby on Rails, Grails, AngularJS, Django, CakePHP, and on and on.

Can you develop mobile apps with Visualforce?

While you can develop mobile apps with Visualforce, none of the built-in components are mobile-savvy. Which means you write more code. Lightning Components, on the other hand, is specifically optimized to perform well on mobile devices. Again, we cover a lot of specifics in the Develop for Lightning Experience module.

Can you run Visualforce on Salesforce?

Your Visualforce code will run on Salesforce for a long time to come. You don’t need to convert existing Visualforce apps, and you don’t need to stop creating apps with Visualforce. However, you might want to, at least in some cases. For example, Visualforce was created before mobile apps on phones became a thing.

Can you add components to Lightning Experience?

You can create components that do do those things, but you’ll need to follow a different process to add them to the right place in Lightning Experience. For example, if your component needs to work with a specific account record, you could add it to the account page layout, or as a quick action on the account object.

Can you preview an Aura component?

There’s no simple way to preview an Aura component during development. You can’t click a button or go to a URL to see individual components. This difference can take some getting used to for Visualforce developers, because Visualforce makes it so easy to create a new page, and to reload it as you make changes.


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